Welcome to the Partnership for Success

A community-wide plan to reduce teen alcohol and marijuana use in Johnston

For the past 10 years, the Johnston Prevention Coalition has focused on strategies and programs to help Johnston teens stay drug-free — and most of them are! Now, we have the opportunity to take this important and life-saving work to a whole new level.

The town of Johnston, in partnership with Tri-County Community Action Agency, was one of 12 Rhode Island communities to receive a Partnership for Success grant in 2015, and over the next five years we will receive $518,000 to implement an evidenced-based, community-wide strategy that can further reduce underage alcohol and marijuana use in Johnston.

Tri-County serves as the administrating agency for the grant, overseeing the implementation of the drug abuse program as outlined in the PFS application.

A proven model. Towns and cities across the country are reducing and preventing substance use among their teens by using a proven federal model called the Strategic Prevention Framework. In simplest terms, SPF envisions every major sector of a community playing a role in preventing underage substance use. It recognizes the critical role parents, grandparents and teens themselves play but it also emphasizes how much more successful these efforts become when schools, faith communities, organizations, businesses, town government, law enforcement, physicians and mental health professionals get involved. We've seen the success of this model elsewhere. With the PFS grant and community support, we can achieve similar results here in Johnston.

We all have a part to play. This website is an introduction to Johnston's PFS program. It's our blueprint for success. It provides links to the science-based resources about the harms associated with underage alcohol and marijuana use — information we did not have just 10 years ago. Importantly, it also outlines what teens, parents and other community residents can do to help ensure that our kids stay drug-free. Success is ours if we all do our part.

For more information about PFS or if you are interested in becoming a coalition member, please contact me at 401-519-1903 or psweet@tricountyri.org. Together, we can make this prevention program a Partnership for Success.

Patricia Sweet, Coalition Coordinator
Director of Youth Prevention
Tri-County Community Action Agency

Our Mission
The Johnston Prevention Coalition is the union of concerned volunteers dedicating themselves to the betterment of the community and its residents. By raising awareness of substance abuse and the dangers associated with it, the Coalition advocates for change through planning, development and implementation of appropriate action strategies.